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[ A machine learning based sales prospecting platform that identifies companies having a higher propensity for the need of its products or services ]

Case Study #1

  • Client: US based B2B expert sales support company specializing in prospecting and business development.

  • Challenge: The Client had challenges in identifying prospective customers to sell a cloud based accounting software. Even if they were, There was no single data source from which it could extract multitudes of data that were reliable.

  • Solution: Picax synthesized 1000s of website, extracted high propensity data and categorized those data in a consumable format which the client had requested.

  • Benefits: The deal conversion for the client improved by 33%, reduced the sales campaign timeline by 25% and increased the ROI by 2X for its customer.

[ End-to-end technology development solutions in the areas of Blockchain, Analytics and Mobility ]

Case Study #2

  • Client: US based leading strategy consulting firm that specializes in providing marketing strategies to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Challenge: The client had been using a traditional approach in identifying new markets to which the F&B giant has to expand. However, the traditional approach had multiple variables and each of those variables had been manually assigned with a weightage. This final weighted output was giving scores that may or may not have been optimal for the success of the new store. The client approached RGS to perform a data driven approach to identify highly prospective locations that could help improve its ROI.

  • Solution: RGS deployed its team of data scientists to work in this engagement. The team aggregated concomitant data from multiple sources. A combination of library and online research was leveraged. In some cases, where specialized information was needed, some primary research was also conducted with the help of the client.

  • Benefits: RGS framed an efficient data driven approach for market entry, recommended top 150 potential cities & towns and created a live dashboard to monitor the status of the store launches.

[ Comprehensive digital intelligence platform that aggregates, analyzes and arrives at actionable insights
that would help improve brand sentiment and long-term value of customers

Case Study #3

  • Client: US based digital marketing firm that provides consulting to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Challenge: Traditionally, the approach has been to derive the overall sentiments of the brand such as positive, negative or neutral. However, using this sentiment the client was unable to take decisions that would have tangible results.

  • Solution: MagSight - an industry agnostic platform – helped arrive at detailed insights on what’s the causing the sentiments to gravitate towards positive, towards negative and towards neutral. Also, the platform will intelligently help users understand why the sentiments are trending towards a particular direction.

  • Benefits: This helped the senior executives to take meaningful actions that had a direct 10%+ positive impact on the brand.

[ Business Process Management solutions focused on both vertical and horizontal functions of an organization ]

Case Study #4

  • Client: Bahamas based Family Office & Trust company

  • Challenge: The Client has successful fund administration and other related operations in Nassau, Hong Kong, Monte Video and Grand Cayman. As the Client was growing, it was looking for a trusted partner who could handle the hedge fund back office operations seamlessly and create its extended team in India.

  • Solution: RGS helped the Client to set up its complete Hedge Fund Back Office operations – One component of Servops suite. A dedicated team was formed to handle the day to day operations that requires the team members to connect with stakeholders across geographies.

  • Benefits: RGS was able to provide Servops as a solution that helped build a knowledge powerhouse that had significant capability in processing hedge fund operations. This essentially brought down the Client’s operational cost by 35%

[An analytical pre-built point solution that helps client identify churn – could be with customers, employees, vendors and provide actionable insights. ]

Case Study #5

  • Client: Fastest growing Cash Management & Logistics company in India.

  • Challenge: The Client has operations in 20+ states and employs 7000+ cash delivery executives. Running such a large field operations across the country is tough and forces employees to leave abruptly. The attrition was as high as 45% at any given time.

  • Solution: RGS recommended the top three factors - benefits, location convenience, and flexible working hours - that were causing such high attrition. After implementing the recommended strategy, the Client was able to bring the attrition to 24%.

  • Benefits: RGS recommended the top three factors that were causing such high attrition. After implementing the recommended strategy, the Client was able to bring the attrition to 24%.